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saltwater aquarium for sale
custom in-wall saltwater aquarium


When it comes to your home we are sure to provide you with the best new saltwater aquarium. We are much more than just an aquarium shop or aquarium store. Clearwater Reef Design offers new Waterbox, Aqueon, and Glasscages at an affordable rate while offering installation and aquarium maintenance. There is no project too small or too large for us. Many of our clients have enormous in-wall saltwater aquariums fully plumbed with electrical and custom cabinetry with automation features. Large aquariums can vary from 220 gallons to 2,000 gallons. If this is your first saltwater reef aquarium don't worry, we can set you up with a nano tank or a rimless aquarium anywhere from 10 to 180 gallons.

custom aquarium



One of our favorite things to do is add our aquariums to small local businesses. We have number of systems throughout store fronts in the area.

Store owners have given back very positive feedback regarding guest/client/customer engagement. The aquariums are a centerpiece and customers often remember the tanks and tend to come back more frequent to see what else is new and the growth of corals and fish. The American dream aquarium system that we can help with maintenance after sales and installation.

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Angler 300
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Angler 360 reached out to us in hopes to not only keep there fish alive for sale, but keep them alive longer in customers hands. When you pay for live bait you hope to have it swimming on the hook for you. Clearwater Reef Design redesigned there filtration and increased the amount of fish they could store and also increase overall lifespan for fish. 

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