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You dream it, we build it. Anything from nice stand alone reef tanks with a canopy and stand to custom built in wall set up. Working with trusted general contractors we have the ability to install custom reef tanks with cabinetry and perfect electrical and plumbing. Shopping for a new salt water aquarium and installation? We've got you covered! We work with trusted aquarium manufacturers. Looking to sell your old aquarium? We also rescue and recover any neglected aquariums!

built-in saltwater aquarium

Wide variety of colonies or frags for sale. Add a pop of color and life to your aquariums today. We have relationships with many wholesalers so we have access to thousands of varieties of coral species. Ask what we have in stock or what we can order for you. Pounds of beautiful live rock with purple coralline algae and sand available.

We offer discounted prices to any members signed up with our maintenance and sales program. 

button coral

Not only do our fish come with a guarantee but we have the knowledge and experience to recommend  or  not recommend certain fish/invertebrates  for your tank. Certain fish should be added in a hierarchy order and also could be detrimental to any corals. Our fish are quarantined and made sure to be healthy and maintaining a healthy eating habit prior to sales. When you sign up for our service and maintenance program you will receive discounted prices towards live stock.

yellow tang

Specializing in bi-weekly or monthly aquarium maintenance plans to keep your tank healthy, thriving and pest free. Many things can go wrong with your aquarium, equipment, fish, and corals but we can assure optimal growth and health of your home ecosystem. Fish tank maintenance can include but may not be limited to water changes, parameter testing, and equipment/tank cleaning. Make it easy on your self and enjoy the hobby.

saltwater aquarium maintenance

Create your American dream.
Tell us about your project today.

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