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Aquarium Maintenance Services in the Bay Area.

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Every aquarium maintenance and service is specialized for your individual system. Not only can we find the best aquarium for you, we can install and maintain your tank for the optimal water parameters. Years in the bussiness or hobby, however you look at it, we have all the knowledge to help you avoid the tough lessons along the way. We have wholesale relationships for fish, corals, aquariums, lights, electronics and much more to not only guarantee great prices but high end quality.  Contact us for more information and free quote




Aquascaping is often the first noticeable difference we make with new clients. Not only does it appeal more but will create caves and caverns for livestock to swim freely and feel safe while also being viewable. Corals can be placed for optimal growth with flow and light exposure in mind.

Water Change

15-25% water changes biweekly or monthly for optimal conditions. Water changes are the best way to maintain the best parameters for fish and corals while focusing on consistency. Fresh R/O water may be delivered for top off.

Detailed analysis

When new clients reach out to us we typically have to record and plan the most gradual way to increase water conditions. After we record the improved conditions it is then a very important process to consistently keep nutrient levels for coral & fish flourishment.
Test may include: pH, ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, calcium, alkalinity & phosphates 

equipment cleaning & Inspection

Sometimes you may not have the suffecient equipment, or you may have way too much. You may have flow too strong, light schedule too weak, skimmer finicky, etc. We are here to make sure you have the right equipment, cleaned, and operating precisely. We have relationships with wholesale markets where we can not only recommend the right products but find you the best deal and install correctly. There are so many additional pieces of equipment on the market and often we fall victim looking for quick fixes and convenience but they often create more problems than anything. We often think less is more and consistency is growth. 

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Flexible Around The Clock Scheduling

Biweekly or monthly services by a professional technician are recommended to ensure coral and marine fish health. We are flexible with days and times catering to your availability.

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