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  • Ryan McKeel

Socks or no sock?!

Many of our new clients have high nitrates. When we check the sump area there is usually one or two crusty socks just sitting there all clogged up with who knows what manifesting. Chances are if you need maintenance you won't want to spend the time replacing socks every other day or cleaning them. Clearwater Reef Design typically suggests removing the socks and making better use of the sump area. Adding chaeto with proper flow and lighting is the best solution. NOTE: Do not just throw in some chaeto from a friend or just any shop. Chaeto must be clean of pests prior to you introducing. Its like taking a dirty dish sponge from a restaurant and throwing it into your sink full of clean dishes. Reputable companies like AlgaeBarn advertise clean chaeto. Chaeto works as a natural filter to remove excess nitrates and phosphates from the tank water. It accolades Copepods and Amphipods. With an established refugium is cost effective and can replace media or other equipment. Clearwater Reef Design likes the minimalistic and more natural approach to maintaining a consistent water chemistry.


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