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Based on the Gyre patented, cross-flow technology, the ReefWave pumps provide optimal REEF-SPEC® water flow for corals in a wide range of reefscapes, regardless of their position in the aquarium. Silent, powerful, and easy to set up and maintain, the ReefWave pumps can be controlled right from your smartphone using Red Sea’s ReefBeat App, which provides you with a full suite of advanced features.


  • Cross-flow technology wave pump for a gentle, evenly distributed flow
  • Silent and energy efficient Sine-Wave DC control motor
  • 5 programmable wave patterns with unique Forward/Reverse/Alternating flow modes
  • Easy assembly/disassembly for maintenance
  • Dedicated Wi-Fi controller for each pump
  • Synchronize multiple pumps of different sizes
  • ReefBeat App for easy set-up, operation, monitoring and notifications

ReefWave 25 Specs

  • Flow 1960 GPH
  • 5/8" Glass
  • 4-25 watts
  • 10' Cable Length
  • Recommended 1.5-4 foot
  • Footprint 9" long, 1.6" tall, 2.8" from the glass to the pump edge.

ReefWave 45 Specs

  • Flow 3960 GPH
  • 3/4" Glass
  • 8-45 watts
  • Recommended 2-6 foot
  • Footprint 12.4" long, 2" tall, 3.2" from the glass to the pump edge.

ReefWave 45 Aquarium Gyre Flow Pump


  • DavidMay 22, 2023, 9:34 PM


    Red Sea Delivers!

    Another awesome product from Red Sea. I purchased the RW45 to supplement my pair of Hydor Koralias as some of areas of my 75 gallon mixed reef were not getting the proper flow. After some tweeking, I realized I don't need the Koralias at all. The RW45 is strong enough to deliver the correct amount of flow to all areas of my tank (at just under 50% power). All of my corals look happy, the fish look happy, the CUC looks happy and my anems look happy as well. The RW was super easy to set up, I am a big fan of the controller as it is super easy to use. My biggest praise is the mounting plate included with the controller. Shout out to Red Sea! The app is also super easy to use. Loving the heartbeat feature. Overall the product is great, well worth it. The power of the RW45 is definitely more than I need for my 75 but my thinking is I rather have the pump running at lower power and I can also take this pump to my next tank, which will definitely be larger. Hope this review helps somebody out there.

    RichardApril 29, 2021, 4:46 PM★★★★★

    Nice WavemakerTake a bit to get the hang of the controller as I did not find all instructions straighfrward. The app makes it easier to use. Works well.


    RICARDOApril 6, 2020, 11:26 PM


    ReefWave 45 Aquarium Gyre Flow Pump - Red Sea

    I really love red sea products and my new reefwave is not the exception. Love the redsea app, I can create programs and sincronize my 3 Redsea led90's. Hopefully soon we could have a new dose pump that be integrated to the app. Cannot wait!! Thank you Red Sea and thank you Saltwater Aquarium for the best service. Regards from Mexico.

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